Beware Of Garden Snails

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Garden snails are mostly harmless to humans, but if they are too many they will become garden pests. If that happens you should start paying attention to your garden plants. If these snails are present in large quantities, they can quickly deplete your plants. Although their movements are slow but this has the potential to pose a threat to plants, they eat leaves, fruits and vegetables.

From now on start thinking about how to fight this snail attack properly and correctly. Catching these snails one by one is a simple way to handle them. This method is not too difficult, you can search for snails in leaves even on the walls of the house. Use gloves when doing this because snails make mucus in their bodies. Can also use a long flip handle to catch them.

After placing the snail in one place you can throw it away from home or give it to farmers, maybe they can process it into animal feed. This activity is quite fun and easy because they are slow moving animals. Catch this animal with a trap, make a hole in the ground and fill it with empty cans that are covered in soap solution or insect killer.

Iron phosphate pellets can kill these snails in 6 days. Can be bought at insect repellent stores or garden stores. Spread this pellet around your garden but be careful if you have other pets at home. This method is the easiest to do but also has risks.

It’s important to have knowledge about dealing with pests for the beauty of your garden. Snails usually appear during the rainy season in humid weather conditions. Getting around the garden after rain can be the first step to overcome this pest. Clean the garden of wood or leaves that fall to the ground, because it can become a nest of snails or other pests.