Installing A Flower Box in Your Home Window

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A beautiful little garden is an attraction for anyone who sees it that can be placed under the outer window of any space. It’s not something that is difficult, spending a lot of money, or more energy to maintain. You can still do gardening with colorful flowers and foliage in a luxurious unlimited space.

You can still make your own unique garden by means of a durable window box. Modern flower boxes are amazing decor accents especially if they are filled with flowers and plants that decorate your home. The best thing for a window box is to be able to replace plants and flowers as often as possible and easily install.

If you want to place a lot of plants, it is recommended to use a longer flower box. They are very suitable as a decoration of the outer space, attracting most of the attention and architectural interest in the side of your home. Long flower boxes are made with durable materials for better use of many weather conditions. The material that is often used is wood and iron, wood a material that is very environmentally friendly.

The 60 inch window box is the ideal size for commercial and residential settings as well. They can accommodate a set of flowers and plants for a more grand appearance. Moreover, the flower box with this size looks fantastic under the wide window. This is the best size can also be used to cover the deck railings with plants and flowers, a view of color and a broad life.

They of course have a variety of styles including, country huts, European flower boxes and English-style window boxes. This will definitely decorate your home window, fence or garden with sturdy materials to make it look more beautiful than before.

It is a job that is not easy in choosing plants for your flower box. If you have a wide and long window, the 60 window box is the best choice. It may be necessary to use the support bracket to hold the planter firmly for full support. Consider the plants, and mix the pots put in the planter and make sure that the bracket can support the weight.

You can use lighter pots made of plastic, making sure to use selected soil because not all soil contains nutrients needed by plants. If you have difficulty choosing land try going to gardening shops to get good advice and tips.