Keeping The Garden From Pests

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The idea that plant pests can be held at acceptable levels without chemical pesticides contradicts everything we know. Ignoring environmental problems, there are a number of other factors that question the wisdom of using chemicals without side effects.

When using insecticides to control pests, natural predators also die. This can have an accidental effect and can cause an increase in pest populations. Many insects can quickly adjust and are immune to certain chemicals.

There are other safe, organic and cost-effective ways to protect your garden from destructive pests. The first step is to determine what causes problems in your garden. Many insects are dangerous in certain plants. You will have greater success, if you apply organic solutions that match the problem.

The best way to maintain a garden is to maintain a healthy predator population by avoiding the use of insecticides, and when you use it, make sure you only do it in risky areas. There are lots of natural controls that work in your garden. Beetles, grasshoppers and spiders are all there, eating insects. Parasitic wasps lay eggs in other insect larvae where they hatch and eat them from the inside. And as said before, healthy plants themselves produce various ways to control pests.

But there are times when there is only one choice for you, namely using chemical pesticides or losing your plants. Maybe a very humid summer has brought a fungus that kills one of your favorite plants, or from where an insect appears and quickly destroys a small plant. The problem now is to determine which pesticides are suitable for use. For many people, this can be done by going to a local nursery or garden center and asking someone for help there.

Before you use pesticides, read the usage information carefully. If you have to use it through a spray, don’t even apply it on a moderate windy day. With sprays that float in the air, you must act carefully with the dose of pesticides. Having the right ratio of pesticides is very important.