Making A Botanical Garden

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The botanical garden is definitely a good idea for anyone, who wants to experience gardening. This type of garden can be referred to as a library. Because any library aims to collect various kinds of books, botanical gardens try to gather various species of plants. Rich botanical gardens often collect medicinal plants, annual plants and tropical plants together. They display a variety of interesting species and are always liked by gardeners. But above all, the botanical garden is a true manifestation of beauty.

Botanical Garden Photo

To design a botanical garden, you need to know a few things, the most important thing is to choose the right plants, based on your current area. Consider sunlight, space and other conditions, which are very important for the growth process. However, do not choose too many plants or species that are difficult to treat. The botanical garden is more complete with many plants and may be very difficult to maintain.

Now, another important part of creating a botanical garden, which is a blueprint for your project. Be sure to plan it carefully, because it might be used as a guide to this plan. You can also enter flowers from each season to your plan, in this way you will be able to have blooms throughout the year. So, here I will share with you a possible scenario for managing many types of plants in your botanical garden. However, don’t hesitate to make changes according to your own tastes and desires.

Perennial plants. As you might know, they grow every year, usually stronger than other plants. However, make sure to group the plants behind your garden. Always start with the highest and lowest as a ladder to create a nice layered design. Be sure to choose some of the best pine trees, as well as winter Daphne and hellebores trees. During winter, the most colorless season, your landscape will be far more alive with some flowering shrubs. The more colorful texture and color of botanical gardens will delight your eyes.

Don’t forget to plant spring blooms to provide beauty after winter. Good ideas are tulips and daffodils, which you can spread around trees, walkways or just shrubs. Another great addition to each botanical garden is the annual interest. Plant in areas that are difficult to reach in your garden. A good plan to place it in a container and pot, so you can arrange it whenever needed. They are great between the transition seasons.

However, many professional gardeners argue that one of the best advantages of botanical gardens is to plant them in open areas for experimentation. Variations and diversity of species and plants allow you to manipulate and experiment with all these plants. Let go of your imagination and surprise yourself with results.