The Most Important Part For The Butterfly Garden

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Cultivating a special house on your yard for butterflies will introduce children to a beautiful and questionable world. This is an activity that you and your family enjoy in the stage of planting flowers, and long after that. There are some basic things that need to be done when planning a garden for butterflies:

Red Flower For Butterfly

Butterflies are happy with sunlight. whether you choose to plant a traditional garden or a modern garden, make sure it’s a plant that is in direct sunlight most of the day.

Butterflies are happy with puddles. Your garden needs a kind of hole or reservoir to drink butterflies. This can be done by filling a terra cotta pot or small plastic bucket with about 3 inches of gravel
on the outskirts. Add water to fill the remaining space. Place of puddles in the middle of your garden.

Butterflies love lots of colors. Cluster groups from the same plants together to make it easier for butterflies to see. A group of colorful flowers will easily attract them rather than a single flower.

Butterflies like to eat nectar. Use some of them nectar-producing plants to attract their hunger: milkweed, zalea, goldenrod, susan black eyes, zinnia, daisies, phlox, Japanese honeysuckle, ironweed. Some nectar-producing shrubs are: butterfly bushes, various fruit trees, privet, lilac and redbud.

Butterflies need a place to lay eggs. Provide plants where female butterflies can lay eggs. Some host plants such as: snapdragon, violet, milkweed, daisies, parsley, dill, Queen Anne’s LaceFree Articles, daisies and cloves.