Why You Think For Gardening

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Nutrition, The vegetables and fruit you plant yourself feel fresher than what you buy in the shop, and naturally you will consider the results of the struggle not in vain. Evidently gardeners have a healthy body because of this. This activity can provide a good example for children because they see their parents eat nutritious food regularly so that it influences them to imitate it.

Healthy mind

Some studies have found results that gardening can reduce depression. Gardening is recommended to reduce the burden of the mind, but some researchers claim that the harmless bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae causes it. These bacteria cause an increase in metabolism and serotonin release, which can cause chemical reactions in the brain that will affect our mood.

Preventing dementia

It was reported by a group of researchers that the risk of dementia can be prevented by gardening activities. These findings are not entirely true but they still suggest that a combination of physical and mind combinations in gardening has a positive effect on the brain. Found several hospitals that treat people with dementia and mental decline using gardening as a therapy.


Gardening is a light exercise, but your blood will flow. Repetitive movements such as planting plants, weeding and excavating that require little energy make your body experience stretching. This light exercise is very suitable for someone who is disabled or has chronic pain who considers this activity to be heavier than a healthy person is a challenge. But this activity is not something that must be forced on them, they can do it slowly and pleasantly.