Your Own Garden Idea Creations

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Making a beautiful garden is easy to do without spending money on hiring a professional garden stylist. Even though seeing lots of garden pictures can be very time consuming, it will be very helpful when trying to make and design this park. Determining the color scheme, location, and purpose is very important to create a successful and beautiful garden.

Deciding what plants need in the garden to grow well is important. This helps to give them a good start, which means matching flower and foliage plants with the environment in which they will be planted. Soil and the amount of light in the area must be considered before buying any type of flower or leaves.

Your Garden Idea Photo

If the selected area is dry and bright, a variety of full sun plants are needed. Full sun plants are plants that can survive in direct sunlight for eight hours. Some examples of annual full sunflowers are magnolia, cosmos, sunflowers, petunias, geraniums, and rose moss. Each of these plants is colored, easy to grow, and thrives in the sun.

When planting in areas that are mostly shady, the choice of protective plants is needed. Most of the protective plants are good in gardens that are mostly shady but get little sunlight. Azaleas, hostas, and lilly valleys are colorful, flowering perennials that grow well in shaded areas. Fuchsias are annual plants that also thrive in shaded areas, such as impatiens, which have long-lasting flowers, bright colors, and high shade tolerance.

When planting your garden, it is important to choose a variety of plants that will flower in spring. For beauty throughout the year, it is also good to include a variety of plants that will flower in the fall. Crocus, iris, and tulips are winter tubers planted in autumn and will bloom year after year in spring. The main ones are autumn flowers that are available in various autumn colors and grow every year.